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Upcoming Seminars & Events

LEADER SHIFT: The Art Of Human Capital And Project Leadership - 15th July, 2017

Classes includes leading and managing HR projects in a Fast paced world, Finding Your Path and Leader Shift: The 360 Degree HR Leader

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Managing The Employee Life Cycle - 30th September 2017

From Engagement To Disengagement: Aimed at extensively discussing the pillars or stages of the employee life cycle...

how to channel them towards employee advantage.

The Collaboration Advantage - 26th August, 2017

Breaking The Political Codes that can Resist Your HR Change Initiatives..

Seminar aimed Gaining knowledge and technical skills on how to warm into the heart of senior Management to bring to life your change initiatives.

Effective HR Leadership Across The Organnization's Value Chain - 28th Oct 2017

Depicting the way a product gains value (and cost) as it moves along the path of ..

design, production, marketing, delivery & services to the customer.

Managing Diversity And Inclusion - Nov 25th 2017

Building Strategic Capacity For Multicultural Impact: Helping to lay a strong foundation for organizational..

wide acceptance of diversity as a business strategy.

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