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About Us

What defines us? 

At Re-think HR we are purpose driven. We believe the only way to survive in a dynamic business environment is to constantly question what we call best HR practice and rethink and adapt those practices to present day realities. According to The U.S Army War College, the present world is a VUCA place i.e. Volatile, Uncertain , Complex and Ambiguous, where the tried and true is gradually becoming old and false and the old HR practice that worked in the early industrial age, where the emphasis was on personnel management, is obsolete for the 21st century business environment. Most old management theories used today were tailored to solve problems confronted by professionals in time past which is no longer sufficient for the challenges we face now. According to Ancient Comanche Indian Wisdom, if the horse is dead, then the best approach is to dismount.


To become the leading non- for- profit provider of HR services in Africa.


We encourage our clients to rethink approaches to HR services, by bringing in industry-leading faculties and coaches to challenge existing practices and also assist in organizational transformation.


R- Resilience
E- Excellence
T-Transformational thinking
H- Humanitarian
N-Need-based approach
K-Knowledge seeking

Rethink HR stirs fast-track HR leaders and professionals to re-imagine stereotypical HR practices and embrace new ideas that will change how some aspect of HR is managed, build HR teams committed to radically rethinking old HR approaches and applying discretionary efforts that fit modern day business situations, thereby allowing for global competitiveness. Participants would also expand business acumen in key areas, and engage in competitive strategy simulations that dramatize the connection between HR management decisions and business results.

All through our highly informative and intense seminars, transformative hours would be invested by our rich faculty team who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their areas of discourse to broaden your horizon in the following knowledge areas;

• Strategy
• Finance
• Leadership
• Legal
• Employee Relations
• Compensation and Benefits
• People Development and Talent Management
• Organizational Behavior
• Project Management
• People Risk Management
• Recruitment
• Personal Development
• Business Analytics

What sets Rethink HR Apart?

Research shows that learning is accelerated and memory-retention enhanced through multiple learning pathways. The common components that sets Re-think apart from competitive programs are;

•Need based approach: the seminars are tailored towards addressing the growing needs, common problems, and new insights into modern day practices and initiatives of the HR. Thereby fostering transformational thinking amongst HR professionals and leaders.

•Real time context: going beyond historical case studies to explore conditions that can affect HR practices today and into the future.

•Guided practice and reflection: gaining multiple perspectives on a situation through intuitive and effective reflection, prompting both personal and professional growth.

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